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I'd like to see more information about my followers, to help me decide whether to follow back

Andrew HamadaAndrew Hamada, guarding the customer experience
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For some reason I'm now getting a lot more follow requests, enough that I can't review them individually. So I look at my followers page and it looks like this:

It would be great if this page gave users more information, to help them decide whether to follow back.
  • I don't want to follow people who don't create content: can I see how many questions & answers someone has written?
  • I also don't like following inactive people: can I see when their last answer was written, or last question was asked?
  • I'd even appreciate a direct port of the information you get via the A2A tool: "X answers in [topic that I also follow]" maybe?
  • On a question page, you can hover over the question followers to see who else you know follows the person. The hover also shows their follower count and TW status.

I'm sure other people have different information asks, but in general it would be great to have more information, either in-line or on hover.


A place to jot down notes for desired feature r...


Andrew Hamada
Andrew Hamada
guarding the customer experience